2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: Everything You Need To Know

What happens when you combine the legendary Ford Mustang nameplate with Ford's groundbreaking electric engine technology, and fit it in a sleek crossover-sized body? The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, a car that is designed to out-perform and out-class its electric car competitors. Here at Hub City Ford we have been keeping tabs on all Mustang news and specs so that you don't have to. Check out all the features that Ford has packed into this futuristic renovation of the classic muscle car!

The Engine

Just because you are saving the environment doesn't mean your Ford can't have a powerhouse engine. Of the variety of engines available for the Mach-E, the Mustang Mach-E GT and the Performance Edition both make over 450 horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque, meaning that they are faster than any other Mustang on the market besides the GT500. Other options for engines include the 255 horsepower standard motor, as well as the rear-drive capable motor with 282 horsepower, and the all-wheel drive 332 horsepower engine. The battery options are tiered as well, with choices running from 235 miles per charge to a 210 mile range. 


The new Mustang makes leaps into the future not only in terms of its performance technology but also with its state of the art design. Slightly smaller than the standard compact SUV, the Mach-E has a coup style roof that avoids the clunkiness of more box-like SUVs. Despite its size efficiency, it's spacy interior matches that of other crossovers, with 39 inches of rear headroom, a large back truck, and a 4.8 cubic foot "Frunk" under the hood. The interior design strips away unnecessary details, consolidating them in the 15.5 inch tall touch screen located on the center console. The Mach-E is loaded with other features including, push-to start ignition, proximity entry, phone-as-key capability, dual zone automatic climate control, and ActiveX simulated leather upholstery, to name a few.

Safety Features, Price, and Release Date

Equipped with 18 inch slip-resistant wheels and the new Co-Pilot360 driver assistance system, the Mach-E has your back if you make a mistake while driving. With rear-cross camera, blind spot sensors, and lane assistance, this Mustang allows you to keep aware of the road while focusing on wherever it is you're going. 

Prices vary according to the trims:

Select: $43,995
Premium: $48,100
California Route 1: $50,900
First Edition: $59,400
GT: $61,600

The Ford Mustang Mach E will hit the market in late 2020 followed by the Performance editions before the Summer of 2021. Contact us at Hub City Ford or come down to the dealership to find out more!