New Ford Bronco Sport Blends Off-Roading Features with On-Road Comfortability

The new Ford Bronco Sport is one of a kind. The vehicle and its capabilities are exciting outdoorsy, adventure oriented people and turning those individuals who aren't necessarily outdoorsy, into outdoorsy people. Fortunately, the new Bronco is not made for "one type of person." Instead, it is a versatile vehicle made to last while off-roading, but made comfortable enough for normal on-the-road drives. See for yourself, come test drive a Ford Bronco Sport at Hub City Ford, your local new car dealership.

Unbeatable Features of the Ford Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport is expected to sell in high volumes. It has been designed and developed for a broad range of people and their needs. We've named just a few of it's incredible advantages below:

  • Affordable: The Ford Bronco Sport is expected to outsell it's larger brother, the Ford SVU, because it's price point is more affordable and reasonable. This vehicle will meet the needs of more people solely because of its price.
  • Off-Roading: The Ford Bronco Sport is the perfect entry vehicle to get into off-roading. It will help novice off-roaders safely and easily learn how to off-road. Additionally, it will not bore off-roading experts. It's capability will ensure experienced off-roaders are continually excited for adventure.
  • Four Doors: The Ford Bronco Sport is the first Bronco model to come exclusively in a four-door model, making it more comfortable for everyone inside.
  • Ready for Anything: Depending on your needs and hobbies, the Ford Bronco Sport is equipped for anything. It offers a slide-out working table, a five-way configurable cargo management system, and 400-watt flood lamps that illuminate up to 129 square feet. These features will help you through any camping and off-roading adventure.

 Test Drive the Ford Bronco Sport at Hub City Ford Today!

Are you an avid off-roading driver and are looking for the next best thing? Or maybe you are interested in the off-roading life and want to give it a try? Either way, the new Ford Bronco Sport will meet your needs. Come test drive the Bronco at Hub City Ford in Lafayette. Our new car dealership will be happy to walk you through the details of the vehicle and ensure all of your questions are answered. Contact our Lafayette Ford today! We look forward to seeing you soon.