New Ford Explorer Modifications

The Ford Explorer has become standard in the world of midsize SUVs, with its hyper-utility, stylish body, all while remaining extremely safe. Here at Hub City Ford, your local Lafayette new and used Ford dealership, we have some good news for those who have always dreamed of owning a Ford explorer, but who haS never quite found room for it in their budget. 2021 has brought on a series of Ford explorer upgrades and price reductions, sporting new models that offer great value for new models! Check out our quick guide to the Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST as well as the new Ford Explorer Platinum.

The Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST

The great thing about the new Ford Explorer Enthusiast ST is that it isn't just for enthusiasts! This new Ford model, available at Hub City Ford, actually makes the most powerful Explorer, the ST, more accessible and more affordable-without sacrificing any of the qualities that the Ford Explorer is known for. With the same look and power as the ST, the Enthusiast ST offers a lower MSRP of $48,750, lending this New Ford Explorer a remarkable value for its price. Sporting the same 3.0 L Ecoboost engine with 450 horsepower, you can now get the powerful ST driving experience at a fraction of the original cost!

The Ford Explorer Platinum

2021 has been a big year for Ford, with unveilings that have left the car world humming, but during all the commotion, Ford has slipped in some incredible lower-profile releases. Included in this group is the Ford Explorer Platinum, which adds new hybrid options as well as a new low price for rear-wheel drive. This 3.0 Liter rear-wheel-drive Explorer starts at $52,480 MSRP, now the same price as the four-wheel-drive model. Part of this release includes some sharp new features on the Platinum including Satin Aluminum inserts on the handles, side rails on the roof rack, as well as a sleek grille with platinum siding.

Come Down To Your Lafayette Ford Dealership Today

Whether you have been waiting for these new Ford Explorer releases or if this is the first time you are hearing about them, we are happy to announce that both of these Explorer options are available through Hub City Ford. Here at your local Lafayette new and used Ford Dealership, not many people are more excited about Ford releases than us, so feel free to check out our blog for other hot tips and exciting news. Contact Hub City Ford today to check out our used and new inventory, or to order one of the new Ford Explorers!