New Ford F-150 Reclinable Seats Revolutionize Comfort

Ford has revolutionized and changed resting in your truck forever with its new reclinable seats. Featured in the new Ford F-150, the reclinable seats have taken inspiration from adjustable beds to make resting in your truck even more enjoyable. Not only are these seats actually comfortable, they recline fully while still supporting your lower and upper back. If you are interested in true comfort, these seats are for you. Visit Hub City Ford, your local new car dealership in Lafayette, to try the reclinable seats for yourself!

Benefits of the Ford F-150 Reclinable Seats

Ford understands our customers and we know that our Ford F-150 customers are hardworking, working from sun-up to sun-down, and often doing difficult labor. We understand that a quick nap in the truck may change your entire day for the better, that's why comfort is crucial. We have designed these reclinable seats for the comfort of our customers. The features of the reclinable seats include:

  • Form Core: For ultimate comfort and back support, the seat itself is made up of a form core. To the touch, it feels more like a supportive mattress than your average truck seat.
  • Lower Back Support: The back half of the bottom seat has been designed to lift 3.5 inches to support your lower back when fully reclined. We found that lower back support was essential to our customers' needs whether they were doing a full-day's work or resting while on a camping trip.
  • Neck Support: When reclining an average truck seat, not only is it uncomfortable, it lacks neck support. Ford has redesigned their reclinable seats to include a neck support feature. The upper part of the seatback can be moved forward to adjust the neck support as needed.
  • Simple Motors: With additional features, it often means complex technology and confusing buttons. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Ford F-150 reclinable seats. The technology is simple, yet effective. It involves one motor and the customer can easily adjust the seat back as they need.

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Are you interested in purchasing a new Ford F-150? The reclinable seats are just one advantage to this fully equipped truck. Contact Hub City Ford, your Lafayette new Ford dealership, to test drive a Ford F-150 and truly experience the reclinable seats. We look forward to hearing from you soon!