The Ford EVOS SUV Build Compared To The Mustang Mach-E

Have you ever dreamed of a car with the sporty power of a mustang, combined with the utility of a mini SUV, all with the energy economy of a Tesla? Well, today is your day, because the new 2021 Ford EVOS is just that, and more. Here at Hub City Ford, your local Lafayette Ford dealership, we get excited about every Ford release, but the 2021 Ford EVOS is more than just another new yearly model, this thing has designs, features, and on-road performance like our Ford dealership has never seen. Check out our quick guide to the Ford EVOS and find out why this hybrid has the sports car and SUV enthusiasts buzzing.

Not Your Mom's Minivan

So what happens when you combine the Mustang's sharp features with the capacity of a small SUV? You get a car that is equally prepared to whip down the backroads with a full load of road trip gear or to slide up to the most fashionable spots in Lafayette looking sharper than ever. With a sleek hybrid design and new touch-sensitive door handles, the Ford EVOS retains the aerodynamic forms of the Mustang Mach-E but increases the size and load capacity. While not many people have gotten the chance to drive one of these bad boys yet, almost every rumor coming in says it handles its size surprisingly well on tight turns at high speeds.

Contemporary Interior Design

Whether you are trying to hit the road for a cross-country trek or if you are just getting from home to work and back again, the Ford EVOS interior is built with advanced technology towards the goal of effectiveness and efficiency. With an interior digital display that is over 1 meter wide, this SUV incorporates serious display power seamlessly into its subtle interior design. Like the Mustang Mach-E, the Ford EVOS will likely replace fake wood with a mix of leather and polymer for the interior, with upgrades for each available trim.

Visit Your Lafayette Ford Dealership

The Ford EVOS as we know it now is going to be released in Shanghai, but once we can get our hands on an American model, you will be the first to know about it. Here at Hub City Ford, your local Lafayette Ford Dealership, we pride ourselves on being on the frontline of Ford news, releases, and rumors. If you just can't wait for the Ford EVOS to hit the North American market, then check out our new and used inventory for a wide selection of Ford vehicles. Contact Hub City Ford today to learn more about the Ford EVOS or to schedule a test drive!